A brick wall with doorways whose openings have been bricked up. Each doorway is marked 101. In one doorway the bricks have been broken out to reveal a blue sky and distant hills.
  • Party Hopping

    Every U.S. president elected in my lifetime was either a Democrat or a Republican. My parents could have said the same thing. Also my grandparents and great-grandparents. These facts will come as no surprise to anyone who has the slightest acquaintance with American politics and history. After all, we have... Read on

  • Selma

    As a student of Infrastructure, I take a lot of pictures of bridges. The one shown above has some lovely parabolic arches, but that’s not what led me to make this photograph 10 years ago. This is the Edmund Pettus Bridge, which carries the Jefferson Davis Highway across the Alabama... Read on

  • Winning Is Not the Answer

    Back in the W administration, bumper stickers, yard signs, and teeshirts proclaimed “War Is Not the Answer.” I’m not sure what meaning everyone else drew from that phrase, but my own personal interpretation was something along these lines: Winning a war may be better than losing it, but it almost... Read on

  • Welcome to Forwichistan

    I was not yet five years old when I reluctantly climbed aboard the schoolbus for the first day of kindergarten. My mother had overcome my qualms with the promise that I would learn to read the newspaper like my father. Imagine my sense of betrayal when I got home that... Read on